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US-2013010395-A1: Overvoltage protection device patent, US-2013022574-A1: Avirulent Salmonella Gallinarum Variants and Pharmaceutical Composition Using the Same patent, US-2013072340-A1: Continuously and/or infinitely variable transmissions and methods therefor patent, US-2013075216-A1: Hydraulic clutch patent, US-2013075606-A1: Composite charged particle beam apparatus patent, US-2013083889-A1: Time-resolved tomosynthesis imaging patent, US-2013086800-A1: Forming insulated conductors using a final reduction step after heat treating patent, US-2013090412-A1: Anticrater agent for electrocoating composition patent, US-2013095020-A1: Cyclic preparation method for producing titanium boride from intermediate feedstock sodium-based titanium-boron-fluorine salt mixture and producing sodium cryolite as byproduct patent, US-2013135174-A1: Electronic device employing multifuntion antenna assembly patent, US-2013138935-A1: Automatically starting servers at low temperatures patent, US-2013142474-A1: Systems and methods for photonic polarization beam splitters patent, US-2013144728-A1: PRE-PROCESSING OF AD REQUESTS USING EDGE SIDE PROCESSING OVER COMMERCIAL CDNs patent, US-2013147484-A1: Method and apparatus for characterizing and optimizing an rf coil in a magnetic resonance imaging system patent, US-2013161491-A1: Optical touch control module patent, US-2013164710-A1: Method of simultaneously cleaning and whitening teeth patent, US-2013181706-A1: System and method to estimate a property of a fluid flow patent, US-2013224569-A1: Metal oxygen battery patent, US-2013227181-A1: Integrated Circuit, System, and Method Including a Shared Synchronization Bus patent, US-2013243419-A1: Comprehensive End-to-End Storage Area Network (SAN) Application Transport Service patent, US-2013257671-A1: Wireless security device patent, US-2013271401-A1: Condition changing device patent, US-2013287516-A1: Variable grip blind rivet patent, US-2013293350-A1: Access control system and method patent, US-2013299548-A1: Cordless framing nailer patent, US-2013308126-A1: Lightguides to simplify total emission detection for multiphoton microscopy patent, US-2013319483-A1: Dishwasher with overflow conduit patent, US-2013336198-A1: Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a signal through a relay node in a wireless communication system in which a carrier aggregation method is applied patent, US-2013339047-A1: Methods and systems for monitoring lift usage patent, US-2013342615-A1: Liquid ejection head patent, US-2014009130-A1: Suppressing Oscillations in an Output of a Switched Power Converter patent, US-2014026097-A1: Method for selecting an element of a user interface and device implementing such a method patent, US-2014036194-A1: Liquid crystal display panel patent, US-2014062205-A1: Source supply circuit and control method thereof patent, US-2014064255-A1: Device, system and method of communicating data during an allocated time period patent, US-2014080886-A1: Methods for Treating HCV patent, US-2014091583-A1: Enclosure clamps and clamp systems patent, US-2014092380-A1: Method of measuring multi-mode fiber bandwidth through accessing one fiber end patent, US-2014104309-A1: Detecting and Describing Visible Features on a Visualization patent, US-2014130651-A1: Full-automatic Optical Fiber Container patent, US-2014141001-A1: Anit-Human Interleukin-20 Antibodies patent, US-2014149376-A1: System for collecting interest graph by relevance search incorporating image recognition system patent, US-2014154415-A1: Method for manufacturing silicon-containing film patent, US-2014158085-A1: Six-Stroke Combustion Cycle Engine and Process patent, US-2014159745-A1: Sensor chip and method for manufacturing a sensor chip patent, US-2014162781-A1: System and method for building in groups patent, US-2014169097-A1: Semiconductor memory device, system having the same and program method thereof patent, US-2014170834-A1: Method for manufacturing a hybrid soi/bulk semiconductor wafer patent, US-2014173249-A1: System and method for connecting a system on chip processor and an external processor patent, US-2014184399-A1: Rear collision warning alert system and method patent, US-2014185086-A1: Using a printer driver provided by a target printer patent, US-2014189259-A1: Semiconductor device and electronic device patent, US-2014191749-A1: Measuring system patent, US-2014192895-A1: Multi-resolution decoded picture buffer management for multi-layer video coding patent, US-2014201469-A1: Shared op-symmetric update-sensitive variables patent, US-2014205734-A1: Method for creation and distribution of a tea flavored alcoholic beverage patent, US-2014220876-A1: Joining member having ventilation function and joining structure using same patent, US-2014233602-A1: Malfunction detecting device and malfunction detecting method for cooling device patent, US-2014244841-A1: Resource allocation using capacity distribution patent, US-2014245305-A1: Systems and Methods for Multi-Tenancy Data Processing patent, US-2014251744-A1: One-way turbine wedge clutch patent, US-2014253690-A1: Method for adjusting roi and 3d/4d imaging apparatus using the same patent, US-2014273281-A1: Method for forming biochips and biochips with non-organic landings for improved thermal budget patent, US-2014278059-A1: Integrated navigation and collision avoidance systems patent, US-2014282279-A1: Input interaction on a touch sensor combining touch and hover actions patent, US-2014299825-A1: Rotatable load-bearing top plate for jacks patent, US-2014302089-A1: Pharmaceutical compositions for preventing and/or treating an hiv disease in humans patent, US-2014305166-A1: Method for manufacturing optical member and method for manufacturing image pickup apparatus patent, US-2014354632-A1: Method for multi-view mesh texturing and corresponding device patent, US-2014370662-A1: Copper Post Solder Bumps on Substrates patent, US-2015009341-A1: Failsafe image sensor with real time integrity checking of pixel analog paths and digital data paths patent, US-2015022520-A1: Tessellation device including cache, method thereof, and system including the tessellation device patent, US-2015022882-A1: Microscope system, objective lens unit, and microscope main body patent, US-2015023819-A1: Piezoelectric fan patent, US-2015031106-A1: Hcv protease inhibitors and uses thereof patent, US-2015031120-A1: Mems particle sorting actuator and method of manufacture patent, US-2015042626-A1: Pixel data transmission over multiple pixel interfaces patent, US-2015046085-A1: Alternative routing determination patent, US-2015053284-A1: System for the dosing of additives/inhibitors containing magnesium oxide applied to fuels used for the production process of clinker/cement in rotary furnaces and steam generating boilers patent, US-2015054178-A1: Electronic device patent, US-2015059176-A1: Fluid product dispenser patent, US-2015067487-A1: Intelligent auto complete patent, US-2015080691-A1: Zwitterion surface modifications for continuous sensors patent, US-2015096410-A1: Aircraft starter motor assembly patent, US-2015099215-A1: Fuel cell stack with enhanced freeze-thaw durability patent, US-2015100700-A1: Communicating Service Denials Back to Client During MDNS Service Discovery patent, US-2015101865-A1: Analysis of Drillstring Dynamics Using Angular and Linear Motion Data from Multiple Accelerometer Pairs patent, US-2015106703-A1: Adaptive grammar instruction for prepositions patent, US-2010176017-A1: Sink Organizer patent, US-2010200775-A1: Real Time Monitoring Ion Beam patent, US-2010201444-A1: Signal Modulation for Switched Mode Power Amplifiers patent, US-2010213403-A1: Thermally conductive thermoplastic pressure sensitive adhesive composition patent, US-2010222991-A1: Method for operating an internal combustion engine patent, US-2010238531-A1: Light-collecting device, light-collecting device array, exposure device and image-forming apparatus patent, US-2010309681-A1: Vehicle light patent, US-2011000622-A1: Hand-held device for applying a correction material onto a surface patent, US-2011033032-A1: Detecting false answer supervision patent, US-2011047838-A1: Pocket insert badge with magnetic retention patent, US-2011050013-A1: Motor-type power device patent, US-2011060131-A1: Monospecific antibody and method of production using as antigen an isoform of the human fad synthetase patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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